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Orlando Interiors by Design provides services for home remodeling, room additions, interior design, office makeovers and much more. Our studio creates beautiful spaces, providing a blend of functionality and simple elegance. Browse our website to learn more and consider us for your next project.

Orlando Interior Design

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Orlando Interiors by Design
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Why Hire Us?

What sets us apart from our competition is our affordability, dedication and experience. As the client, your satisfaction at the end of the project is our primary objective.  By hiring us, your goal is to save money, reduce headaches, and fulfill your design dreams – only by meeting these requirements can we provide the best service possible.

We will work to ensure that your design hopes are fulfilled, and that your experience with our company leaves only good memories behind.

Our satisfaction, once your project is completed, is measured in the enjoyment and happiness you find with your family or employees in your new space and the contentment you feel with our service level.

Maja Lucic Tepper, Designer

Maja Tepper

Facebook News

Holy cow, it's December already! (Don't we say that ever year?) Well, happy December!

Sure, nobody's got the bandwidth to start a major design project right now, but to help you on your "beautiful home quest," select even one of the actions you can take THIS month to make immediate improvements to your nest and life!

□ Put out the holiday decorations if you haven't done that yet! Break it into phases to keep it manageable, best done by creating a list and schedule.

□ Re-arrange 1 bookcase or open shelving area for a quick facelift:

Step 1: Empty all content.
Step 2: Eliminate ¼ of the items that were there.
Step 3: Restyle with fresh eyes and leave more empty space.
For the energetic and daring: paint the back of the bookcase black - or a splash color from your room. (Or use wallpaper.)

□ Fill silver bowls with pinecones, green moss or evergreens and display around your home for "instant winter holiday" luxe without a high florist bill. Feel free to mix in a few round Christmas ball ornaments but stick to a single color for uber elegance.

□ Treat yourself to some new decorative candles and light one every night this month as you prepare and eat dinner as a little extra treat.

□ Schedule a time to reflect and bless your home. It's been a full year of Pinterest pinning, HGTV watching and wishing, blog and magazine reading. Inspiration images do inspire, but they can also make us lose sight of all that IS working in our homes, starting with the gift of having a roof over our heads and a warm bed in which to sleep. This month...

Say a prayer of thanks and open your eyes to appreciate the beauty that is your home.
Then, say a prayer for those in need.
Then, send a check to a homeless shelter or food pantry.
Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza...and 2017!

Orlando Interiors By Design

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