bathroom remodeling 1

Bathroom remodeling

April 4, 2016

bathroom remodeling 1

Don’t hold back on the bathroom remodeling!

In any home, the bathroom is one of the most important investments that you can make. The amount of time spent in the bathroom is probably second only to the amount of time you spend laying in your bed. However, this does not mean that the bathroom in your home is always a well-designed and comfortable space. Sometimes, bathrooms can be small, badly-organized, or poorly-lighted. Other bathrooms can be big, but outdated and unappealing in style. Restricted access and poor placement of fixtures can make a person feel claustrophobic in their own bathroom. Whether or not they take short showers, longer showers, or baths. All of this can lead to the feeling that a person in the bathroom wants to run away from it as quickly as possible, often without knowing the real reasons why. At other times, you may know what doesn’t work in your bathroom style and layout, but would prefer not to have to deal with the stress and hassle of redesign. Even to the point of finding a new home that has a “better” feeling.

However, be aware that someone else already did the work in the new home with the “better” feeling; we believe that with our assistance, you will find that a “better” bathroom can be yours with far less stress, expense, and hassle than expected, and without the dislocation in life (leaving friends, neighbors, etc.) caused by moving. A relatively small investment in a bathroom remodeling/redesign can help you feel much more comfortable and satisfied in your own home.

Better remodeling than moving

Requests for bathroom remodeling are the most common types of services performed by Orlando Interiors By Design. The challenges that are usually placed in front of us are upgrading the basic, “contractor grade”, inexpensive, simple bathroom to something more appealing, more customized, and more reflective of the owner’s preferences. Often, homes are equipped with the lowest grade bathroom vanities, fixtures, tiles, toilets, mirrors, lighting, weak fans, simple vinyl bathtubs, basic shower doors, etc. Many of these items have been in place for 10, 20, and even 30 years. At times, homeowners will attempt to upgrade one section of their bathroom at a time but without a strong design and plan to follow the overall effect is usually not a good one. Whether or not the upgrade is successful, the lack of specific design and style matching can lead to the feel of the room becoming even more confused and less harmonious than before. All of this, however, can be repaired, and a new and improved design process can be implemented. We at Orlando Interiors By Design specialize in just this type of “intervention”. Our skills are focused on working with the client’s desires and wishes and maximizing the available budget to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. With our assistance, you too can find that the bathroom remodeling you desire is within reach at a very reasonable cost. Contact us at your convenience and start down the path to the home of your dreams!

Some inspiration for your future bathroom.

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