Staging helps your home sell

May 2, 2016
staging before-and-after living

Staging before-and-after living room

How staging helps home sale?

Moving is a great life changing experience. Try to make it as easy as possible. Staging should not be a taboo!

With the residential market peaking and the great inventory, you need to stand out from the competition. With the busy lifestyle we all have, buyers need to rely on information presented in MLS listing online. So you have just few seconds to wow your potential buyer. The specs of the house are what they are; Your house has certain number of bathrooms and baths, has pool or not, fireplace or new kitchen. Changing that would be a bigger investment. But visually you can make your listing pop. This also saves you a lot of time. We all know “time is money”!

In the whole process home sellers often think staging isn’t important and a necessary expense and they try to skip it. Than weeks pass. No or minimal traffic and no offers… hmmm…. adjusting the price is the next step. Usually 10-15K.

Staging costs from $500 to few thousand dollars. Staged homes sell faster and usually for the asked price or more.

So with the minimal expense on staging, you have a great opportunity to minimize the time and get enough money to move into a home that currently better serves your needs.

Here is what says about how much staging helps with the home sale.

What to do?

Ask your realtor, if he/she already didn’t offer staging / redesigning services. Or look locally for a staging professional. In the phone book or online. Go with your gut feeling and go for it. Professional eye will be able to help.

Often most pieces, accessories, homeowners already have at home. With the help of a professional eye and just rearranging existing you can achieve the polished, designer home look. If not buying few pieces, or renting them would help. Give the professional a chance to improve your home in a way it would help you. Don’t worry about even major changes. Those are just temporary. You are moving out soon anyway. Be open to suggestions. It would be a good opportunity for you to start packing.

When staging is done clients often say they don’t want to move now.

Staging an empty home

When you are trying to sell the empty / vacant home its usually a good idea to stage few main areas.  Vacant homes feel sterile and often show the imperfections of the home.  Staging Professionals would bring their own pieces or rent them from a rental company. So the cost is usually the time plus the rental.

Make sure the photos are taken by a professional and staged by a professional.

The summer is coming! That’s usually the busiest time of the year for home buying/selling. Make sure you do all necessary steps now. So please call us to help. 407-421-7345

staging before and after bathroom

Staged bathroom

staging before and After living room

Staged living room

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